How To Outsource Content Writing In 2022 For Optimal Results

Content writing, in the form of blogging, is the best way to ensure your website is Search Engine Optimized (SEO). SEO is a guaranteed way to get more traffic to your website, as over 50% of internet users visit sites at the top of their search results. Blogs are the best type of long-form content that can provide valuable information and contain keywords that your customers are looking for.

While blogs are a win all-around for your business, producing a well-researched and well-written blog takes time and expertise. Don’t worry if you may not have anyone on your team who can produce this valuable content. This is where outsourcing comes in! In 2022, it is easier than ever to find top talent to research, write, and create a business-driving blog.

This article will tell you everything you need to know  to outsource your way to success. At the end of this article, you will know exactly why you need a blog, how to outsource and find talent, the risks to consider, and why this type of content will optimize your results. Save this article so you can come back to it anytime you need.

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Let’s get into exactly why outsourcing your writers is the most effective way to increase your website traffic, save you valuable time, and build credibility.

Outsourcing Writers: Why Every Business Should Be Doing It

Since blogging is the best way to optimize SEO, writing is a skill that is crucial for anyone that owns an online business. Outsourcing long-form blogs is the fastest way to increase your website traffic, while also saving you time and money.

Outsourcing saves you valuable time from having to do all the research and writing that goes into long-form content such as blogs.

Another huge advantage of outsourcing is that you can hire experts who are not only skilled in writing, but also SEO. This will take the guesswork out of what keywords to use, how to create an eye-catching title, and how to convey your message. When you outsource the writing to the experts, you are guaranteed an effective end product.  

When an owner can outsource all their content writing to freelancers or contractors, they save money because they do not need to hire a full-time writer. One full-time writer can only produce so much content in a given amount of time and will cost you more in the form of medical benefits and retirement accounts. So do yourself and your business, a favor by outsourcing your content writing.

How to Outsource Article Writing Step-by-Step

When it comes to content marketing, blogging is king. Since blogging is long-form content and there’s no limit how  long your blogs will be, it’s easy to make them SEO-friendly. A blog can contain multiple keywords and search terms that your customers are looking for. A blog is also a great way to share knowledge about your business or products and build a community at the same time. Let’s get into how you can leverage outside talent and how to outsource article writing.

  1. Set up a blog on your website if you don’t already have one. You will want a dedicated page on your site for this, so make sure your blog is listed in your website’s menu bar. This is where your customer knows they can go for in-depth information.
  2. Consider the type of information you want to convey through your blogs that will keep customers intrigued. Don’t worry about the flow of the article or writing style; leave that  to the experts. However, you do want to consider the information that will be relevant to customers. An easy topic to start with would be the latest research relating to your business or product.
  3. Lay out your budget for hiring a content writer. There are a ton of amazing freelancer websites where you can find top talent. Most freelancers will charge by the article, anywhere from $5 to $100 and more. Decide your price point and find the talent that can deliver.
  4. Once you find a great freelancer, you want to set up an initial meeting with them to ensure they can fulfill all your needs in your desired time frame. Make sure to give them as much direction as possible  to avoid delays or miscommunications. You also want to ensure that the writer is familiar with SEO topics and trends.
  5. When you receive the finished product, publish it on your blog.  To make sure your customers see the blog, send them an email stating that it’s ready for viewing. Always remember to track your viewers so you can see what type of information your audience loves.

Now that you know how to outsource content writing, the next section will cover what risks to think about as you go through the process.

Risks to Consider When You Outsource Content Writing

While finding an expert to write blogs for your business has many advantages, thereare also risks to consider. As with any new process or person joining your team, whether freelance or not, you always want to make sure you are protecting yourself and your business first. Make sure to look out for these common risks stated below.

1. Writing errors

You always want to ensure that you are hiring someone that speaks the language fluently  your business is conducted. That way the blogs will be written in an easy-to-read format for your readers, similar to how they would talk themselves. When you hire someone who speaks the same language, there will be a far less chance of spelling and grammatical errors.

2. Plagiarizing

Plagiarizing  is a serious offense that needs to be taken into consideration anytime you outsource your writing. There are entire sites dedicated to copying blogs and just changing a few words or sentences.. When you are vetting a candidate, make sure you clearly state that this will not be tolerated and you will be checking the final work. Here’s a great tool that will help you determine if the final work is copied.

3. Lack of knowledge

Since blogs are a great way to increase your website’s SEO, you want to make sure your content is full of useful information. When you outsource content writing, the person you hire should be knowledgeable on the topic or be able to conduct the necessary research. A good question to ask in your interview process is how comfortable the candidate is with research. Ask for examples of their previous work, and inquire how they went about gathering information.

4. Missed deadlines

Set clear expectations upfront, so the freelancer can deliver it on time with few questions or revisions. If you are just starting and hiring your first writer, you can set project milestones and check in with the project at certain points before the end product is delivered. Always make sure to have a clear line of communication so the freelancer can ask clarifying questions.

5. Sensitive company information

Another big risk when hiring a freelancer is making sure that they do not share any information you give them, especially related to your company’s intellectual property. Always make sure to read the reviews of the person you are hiring and look into their previous work. You want to ensure that your freelancer or contractor is trustworthy and has no malicious intentions.

Now that you know the benefits and risks of outsourcing your content, the next section will cover exactly how it can optimize results in your business.

How Outsourcing Writers Optimize Your Results

Having a blog optimizes your business because it is  a trusted way to build a community among your customers. When you post blogs regularly, customers trust that they can come to you for information. Customers are also more inclined to share helpful information with friends and family, thus leading to more potential customers.

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Blogging is also a way to increase your sales because 61% of US consumers have made a purchase based on a blog post.  Do you want to grow your community even more? Have your writer leave a thoughtful question at the end of the blog, so customers can become engaged in the comment section.

Let’s face it, having full-time employees is expensive and usually one of the largest costs of any business-. So, lowering the number of full time employees can be a huge cost savings. This is where having contractors can be a huge money saving for your company.

Contractors can work on an hourly or project-based pay scale, so they are only paid for the work they produce. You can use that money saved to invest in other crucial aspects like marketing, systems, inventory, and more.

Start Outsourcing Your Content Today

In conclusion, outsourcing content writing is one of the smartest things you can do for your business. Not only can you employ experts around the world, but you can also save the two most valuable parts of your company: time and money.

Make sure you keep the risks in mind and that you always interview the freelancer candidate before hiring them onto the project.

While it may take a few tries to find the perfect fit, the good news is that there is more than enough available talent for your needs. So get that blog started, hire talented writers, and watch your community and business grow quickly. Are you ready to outsource and succeed?

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